Emerge as a Concept

Emerge AEC started as an idea in early 2020, just as the pandemic was making its way across the world. People needed a way to connect with each other during quarantine, especially with those who we’d typically only see at work functions or conferences. Caitlin took a moment to describe what Emerge means to her, and how the pandemic played a role in it’s conception:

“When I graduated in 2020, I was fortunate enough to have a job lined up, despite the world shutting down. As soon as I started working, though, it felt like all the people who I had graduated with just disappeared. We all fell into a void where very few firms were hiring and networking events halted. Charles had started virtual networking events, and those monthly meetings brought in people from across the nation: students, recent graduates, seasoned professionals, and everyone in between. The best part was that not everyone worked in architecture! It was an incredible feeling to chat with others in a laid-back virtual atmosphere about what our days looked like at our various types of jobs. Plenty of inviting discussions and thoughtful questions. That’s how Emerge started: not with a plan or an end-goal, but with a concept and atmosphere. Connecting with others across the industry bridges a divide that we sometimes see in the office, and seasons emerging professionals with networking opportunities across the nation.”

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