Nathan Taylor – Building Envelope Consultant

Career Spotlight Nathan Taylor – Building Envelope Consultant Buildings are typically designed and constructed for certain groups of people and communities. A building’s exterior should relate to its surroundings and ideally allow for future mutual use and interaction with the community. A building’s interior should relate to its users needs and operations. As the building […]

Joanna LaBounty – People Operations Manager

Career Spotlight Joanna LaBounty – People Operations Manager “I have people skills. I am good at dealing with people.” -Office Space How many individuals can say, with confidence and truth, that they are capable and willing to understand people, learn from people, and work directly with people? People are complex and highly distinctive with their […]

Joanna LaBounty – “Joanna Says the ‘F’ Word… Feedback!”

Joanna LaBounty – “Joanna Says the ‘F’ Word… Feedback!” Joanna LaBounty is here to blow some minds for our August meeting! “Joanna Says the ‘F’ Word… Feedback! How to Give it and Receive it” Join us Wednesday, August 24th at 6:45 PM EST for an evening of networking and learning about both giving and receiving […]

Hana Nguyenky – “Collector of Knowledge”

Hana Nguyenky – “Collector of Knowledge” For the Emerge AEC Launch Party, hosted virtually in May 2022, we heard from the Emerge AEC team about their paths into AEC and what they’ve learned along the way. For Julie, we learned about the literal and metaphorical tools one should have in their tool bag, along with […]


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